Central Building, Room M1/077

Phone: 501-686-5867

Transfusion Services Division Director: Tina Ipe, MD (501-603-1941)

Medical Director: Aaron Wyble, MD (501-686-7004)

Manager: Kirk Hannah, BSMT(ASCP) (501-686-7006)

Supervisor: Brook Ellison, BSMT(ASCP) SBB, (501-686-7005)

Quality Assurance: Mary Ann Burgess, BSMT(ASCP) (501-686-7013)


Hours of Operation:

Staffed 24/7 for routine and emergency requests for blood products and the performance of immunohematological tests.

Services Offered:

Immunohematological Testing (Routine):

    • Type and Screen (T/S), which includes ABO blood group, Rh type, and screening the plasma for atypical antibodies via the Indirect Coomb’s test, Does not include crossmatch. See the discussion of Type and Screen in this section.
    • Crossmatch includes typing, screening and crossmatching units of red cells.
    • Diagnostic Direct Coomb’s Test (DDC, DAT) for detection of red cell-bound IgG antibody and/or Complement fixation in-vivo.
    • Antibody identification of antibodies detected in the patient’s plasma or eluted from red cells (which are DAT positive).

Neonatal Transfusions:

The neonatal patient has special requirements due to small size and immature organs.  A regular unit of blood is divided into aliquots for this age group. An initial pretransfusion specimen on the baby must be ABO & Rh typed, and tested for unexpected antibodies. If no antibodies are detected, it is unnecessary to crossmatch donor red cells for the remainder of the neonatal period during any one hospital admission.

    • Small volume transfusions: Concentrated O- or O+ packed red cells which are leukocyte reduced and irradiated are available in the Blood Bank and can be prepared in the desired volume. Customized whole blood can be prepared using red cells less than 5 days old and FFP for either large volume replacement or exchange transfusion.
    • Platelet concentrates: A whole unit divided into small volume aliquots are available. Consider the neonate’s blood volume and the desired platelet count when ordering this product. Contact the CP resident (688-2820) for assistance whenever desired.
    • Single donor, CMV negative irradiated granulocyte concentrates for neonates (30 ml-volume) containing approximately 0.5 to 1.0 x 1010 granulocytes can be special ordered from the American Red Cross. The product contains many RBC’s and must be ABO group and Rh compatible. Therefore, a blood group-specific donor is preferred and the unit is collected in a special bag. The granulocytes can be obtained from the mother by an apheresis procedure in cases of neonatal sepsis, if so desired. The physician will need to make arrangements with American Red Cross.

Consultation for safe transfusion practice is available at all times and is arranged by calling the Clinical Pathology resident (688-2820) at any time.

Directed donation process entails a donor giving a unit of blood or an apheresis product to be used by a specific, known individual. This requires a physicians order and is arranged through the American Red Cross.

Autologous Donation, considered the safest transfusion method, is the process of donating in advance for future intended use. Autologous donation requires physician’s order. Arrangements are made with the American Red Cross.