Main Laboratory, Hospital- B Level

Phone: 686-5953


Medical Director: Daisy Alapat, MD (501-686-8870)

Manager: Susan LeSourd, MSOM, C(ASCP) (501-686-5032)

Supervisor: Mandy Duncan, MLS(AMT) (501-686-8852)

CP Resident on Rotation: Daytime 501-686-6397

CP Resident on-call: Pager 501-688-2820

Hours of Operation:

Routine Hematology:

Full service 24 hours daily. Limited service holidays and weekends. See alphabetical listing for tests. All specimens must be accompanied by a request with patient’s name, unit number, physician name, and pager or telephone number.

Special Hematology:

7am-2pm (Monday-Friday). Urgent or after hours procedures by consultation. The hematopathology resident (501-688-6355) or CP resident on call (501-688-2820), is available for consultation.


Full service 24 hours daily. Limited service 8pm-7am. All special urinalysis tests other than general and microscopic. For after hours procedures (see alphabetical procedures listing), contact the resident on hematopathology (501-686-6397, or Hematology 501-686-6193) until 4pm, and for weekends, after hours, and holidays, the on-call resident (pager 501-688-2820).