North Laboratory 1st Floor

Phone: 501-686-7044

Medical Director: Ginell Post, M.D., Ph.D. 501-526-6776, Pager 688-2282

Manager: Ann Jacob, MT(ASCP) SBB (501-526-6489)

Supervisor: Whitney Eason, MLS(ASCP)cm   (501-686-7044)

The Clinical Laboratory Point of Care Testing encompasses the technical oversight of all the waived testing procedures performed by ancillary testing sites in the ER, OR, OPC, ACRC, and all clinics and nursing stations at UAMS. To request new Point of Care tests in your area, please refer to the UAMS Point of Care Policy. (intranet link)

Moderate Complexity Test Procedures:

All Procedures have been moved into Compliance 360.

Additional Resources:

Abbott Website for additional information

Instrumentation Laboratory Website for additional information about Hemochron Instruments